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Blago is Awesome

January 29, 2009

Politics, ethics, and morality aside, he is awesome. The theatrics that he displays are unmatched in the current political arena. He’s George Costanza come to life. I loved it every time he was on TV giving a speech. It was great TV. He plead his case to the public in a vain attempt to turn the overwhelming tide of public opinion against him.



Did he have a chance of changing anyone’s mind? No, of course not. He is a sleaze ball. In fact, he gives new meaning to the term sleaze. I think sleaze would be ashamed to hang around him. But, there is no one who had a more enjoyable ride down. From his first press conference complete with a crying baby and an old man in a wheelchair, I knew he was something to behold.

My assertions were reaffirmed today as he gave his remarks before the IL State Senate in what ended up being his last act as Governor of IL. He rattled off doozies like “charge it to my heart, charge it to my desire” and “If I thought I did something wrong, I would have resigned in December”. I could watch him all day. I hope to see him on TV again. He is the most riveting person on TV.

It would be great to hang out with him, if only for selfish reasons. No matter what you did, you could say to yourself, “Well, it’s not as bad as what Blago did” and suddenly feel better about yourself. Who needs Stuart Smalley when you can have Blago. To put it simply, I would not turn down in invitation to a game at Wrigley with him. Makes Republicans look good.