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The Swine Flu Epidemic. PANIC!!!

May 3, 2009

In the first victory of the Obama Office of Messaging, he correctly told people not to panic and remain calm. This did not stop several people from taking drastic steps to avoid something much more rare than the influenza virus, and with much less mortalities. Unfortunately, Joe Biden, in his usual flippant self, all but declared a national emergency when he told people to avoid tight spaces like airplanes and subways. A week after Obama tried to rest fears of “swine flu”, he has taken a different route. Well, like Rahm Emmanuel said: “never let a good crisis go to waste”. This is a good chance for Obama to appear like a leader, even though there is no real problem. When asked if the White House was overreacting, the answer was ‘of course not‘. How can they overreact to somerthing we know nothing about?

It’s not like the White House has never overreacted to a non-existent problem. It’s not like we devoted two years and hundreds of millions of dollars to the Y2K “problem”. The Y2K hysteria led people to become “Y2K Survivalists” and they lived their life off “the grid”. Instead of people living “off the grid” they are wearing surgical masks. It’s like SARS all over again. Obama needs to realize that, unlike when he was a State Senator, or a Junior Senator, his words have meaning. Even if Obama thinks his words as a State Senator had meaning (he was against the Iraq War as a State Senator, and he though tit carried as much weight as casting a vote in the US Senate against the Iraq War) they didn’t. They have a lot of weight behind them now. He is the leader of the free world. He needs to start acting like it. For such a good orator, he needs to understand that he can’t be so negative all the time.

When Roosevelt had his infamous “fireside chats” he reassured worried Americans that everything was going to be alright. Obama uses negative messages to get support for his worthless policies and complete unreadiness for the Office of the Presidency. Obama does this because he knows it is easier to control people with fear then it is with optimism. When the stimulus bill was in front of congress he said that the “time for talk was over” and that the economy would fail if the bill did not pass. He thought the bill was so important so he gave to his Moron-in-cheif Joe Biden to control. He also stated that Caterpillar would be able to hire people they laid off if the Stimulus passed. It passed, but Caterpillar was not able to hire people back because the Stimulus was not responsible. So now with Swine Flu, are we going to see legislation with tons of pork-barrel spending. How about a bill that gives every state 100 billion dollars to fight Swine flu. that way, by the time the sates get the money the epidemic will be erraticated. I wouldn’t put it passed Pelosi and her lackey Harry Reid.

Todd Thurman