It’s Independence Day

Fireworks at the Washington Monument

Photo by Andrew Blasko

After a long, long time between postings, I am back. I thought today would be a great day to bring this blog back, being Independence Day and all. There are celebrations going on all over the country as America celebrates its 234rd birthday, but not many are quite as good as the celebration in Washington, DC. As it should be. To watch fireworks go off around the monuments and the Capitol is an amazing site that I hope everyone gets to see at some point in their life. We are very spoiled here. DC is a hard city to live in, but on July 4th, there is no place I would rather be.

I’ve always enjoyed the 4th of July, first for the fireworks, then because of the struggle and bravery that came with signing the Declaration of Independence. We take it for granted today, but every signer of the Declaration was putting his life at risk by signing it. It was an act of treason to the British Crown. We declared our independence from Britain, but we hadn’t won it yet. We were free form the tyranny of King George III, but we still had to get all the British troops  and British rulers out of America. Taking on the most powerful army in the world was no easy task for a brand new country that lacked military prowess.

Thankfully, we had George Washington. There is a good reason we call him the “Father of Our Country.” Without him, we might not have had a country. Known, previously, for bumbling his way to inadvertently starting the French-Indian War, he completely revolutionized a military filled with farmers into all the modern military skills. He used the latest weapon technology and made them a force to be reckoned with.

The first few years of the Revolutionary War were very tough, but the resolve for Americans to be free never wavered. The American Spirit was born, and it is still just as strong today. Obviously, we ended up winning the war and America was finally free. America was founded on “certain unalienable rights” and “self-evident” truths that gave us freedom and liberty. This was another revolutionary concept. This was the first time that rights were granted through nature (our creator) instead of a Constitution. Instead of granting us rights, our Constitution says all the things the Government cannot do to infringe on our rights. It is filled with “Congress shall not…” phrases. It is truly a government of the people. That’s why it has worked for 234 years.

Happy Independence Day!



2 Responses to “It’s Independence Day”

  1. maidli Says:

    …. 😀 happy day

  2. Paul G Says:

    Yes, “Congress shall not” — now more than ever, that’s a message that resonates. Good piece, Todd!

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