For years, years, and years, (since the 60s) the left has been promoters of dissent. They would parrot phrases like “Dissent is patriotic” and “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. So why now, that the Left  is in charge is every protest by angry Americans are characterized as “astroturf”? Why is it when people disagree with them that they can’t be legit. Seemingly, the only reason people disagree is because they are being brought in by Big Corporations? Did I mention that corporations are inherently evil and greedy because that is the going public perception.

Why is the media propagating this assumption? It seems that  Jake Tapper is the only reporter with an ounce of integrity. Why is no one in the media questioning Obama? Obama is saying that if you like your insurance, you can keep them. How can Obama make that promise when he has had nothing to do with the bill being discussed? In fact, he’s not even familiar with the bill. Why doesn’t someone ask: “Mr. President, how can you say that?” I have never heard him defend his statements on Health Care reform. It seems people let it go because it sounds good. It does sound good, it just does not sound possible.

The left has called for an honest debate for a long time. Why do they hide behind labels as soon as one is presented? Is it because they don’t want a debate? Why did Obama originally tell Congress that he wanted to pass Health Care before recess, before Congress would have a chance to even read the bill? If the left wants a debate, let’s have one. If not, let’s not “astroturf” and say we want one when we don’t.


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3 Responses to “Dissent”

  1. Twitted by ToddThurman Says:

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  2. pauldgallagher Says:

    You’re right, Todd. The hypocrisy is rather blatant. At least, it is to you and me and other Americans who pay attention. Alas, I think that far too few Americans DO pay attention — and that’s why the Left so often gets away with this double standard. Keep up the good fight!

  3. John Says:

    Your comments are always very elitist and you have no idea what health insurance refom is meant to do. When I worked in the US for seven years I found that US physicians were of much lower quality than what I was used to in Canada, and these were ones for the insurance I was covered by. I aways came back to Canada for treatment because it was clear that American physicians were of lower quality. My insuramce in the US wouldn’t cover my kidney removal because it was the result of an injury I had before I was in the US so my insurance was on absolutely no value. I came to the conclusion that it was a 50-50 cahnce Americans would take out the wrong kidney anyway. I came back to Canada and had the surgery done with quality physicians, as opposed to what I found in the US. I couldn’t get back to Canada for excellent health care in our universal system too soon.

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