School Choice is Not Just for the Rich

In the recently passed Omnibus Spending Bill, there was a lot of spending and little cutting. Not much cutting, but one important cut that affects the poorest families in Washington, DC. Why would liberals, who claim to be the party of the working poor and the party of social justice, be against a program that only helps the poorest kids in the worst schools? That’s a good question. Why Mr. President?

Obama recently stated that he, and Sec. Duncan would not look for “liberal” or “conservative” solutions, but solutions that worked. He said this before the Department of Education report came out saying that the program worked. So now there should be no excuse. Obama is stuck between a rock and a hard place now because he cannot endorse vouchers (even though he was educated via school vouchers and his own children attend private schools) because funds from the National Education Association (NEA) helped him get elected. It’s either that, or Obama doesn’t want the poor kids to touch his kids.

The problem is that it should not be a political battle. The victor should not be who gave the most money to Obama and the other dems. Let’s be clear, the NEA is not about helping kids. It is about keeping people employed. Whether they can do their job or not is irrelevant. They keep people employed so they can collect the dues and they can, in turn, donate those dues to democratic candidates. The viscious cycle continues. They don’t need to answer to me though. I was educated in a private school. I am not affected. I was never taught by a member of the NEA. Parents and children who know about this should tell this story. I am going to let them.

Reason TV put out a GREAT video on School Choice that tells the story much better than I ever could.

Todd Thurman


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