The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

I wrote this back in 2006. Still rings true today

Prop 86 is a terrible proposition for the State of California (much as MOST of them are). I can’t believe that this is on the ballot again!! How much do the smokers of California need to be punished? Why are smokers being singled out again? This is ridiculous. I am not a smoker (never will be) but I fight hard for smoker’s rights. I believe it should be up to the resteraunt owner to decide if they want to let people smoke in their resteraunt. Imagine that, a society where people who own property get to decide how they want to use it. Sounds like America to me, but not California.

Why smokers? Well, the authors of this proposition consider smokers an easy target. They saw that Prop 10, years ago passed, and they wanted to mimmick that success. However, the money in Prop 10 never went to our schools. They went directly into Rob Reiner’s preschool program (because who knows more about raising kids than a single multi-divorced fat slob?). Sounds like an enormous conflict of interest to me, but since when has the left allowed the law to stand in the way of their agenda?

To me, going after smokers is just as ridiculous as going after anyone else in society. It’s like saying: let’s pass a measure to drastically cut teacher’s salaries and fire every teacher in a union. That will put an incredible amount of money back in our schools. Much more than any cigarette tax will.

Todd Thurman


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